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Monday, June 27, 2005


I am in heterosexual internet love with Fluid Pudding. She had her daughter Harper two days before Jack was born, and so I got to read along as she went through pregnancy stages at the same time as me. Plus, she's so much funnier than I am. She emailed me to congratulate me on Jack, and then the other day after I'd been in tears bemoaning how I was too large for all my normal clothing she posted how she only fit into her maternity things, reminding me I'm not the only still bloated new mommy out there.
Not only that though, she has kindly returned my emails, and let me -a complete stranger- rant about how awful Tom Cruise is. She commiserated with me!
She's my favorite internet person right now (though to be fair Sarcastic Journalist also kicks a great deal of ass and is kind to crazy internet ladies).
Everyone should be reading her site, and tell her periodically how much she rocks.

The End