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Friday, July 01, 2005


Joe and I are taking Jack back to Missouri to see our families for the weekend, a seven hour trip I am so looking forward to with a 9 week old. My parents live about an hour south of St. Louis, but after we get there we get to rest briefly and drive about an hour northeast to pick up Joe's other son. (Someday I will tell you all about our family situations. It's hilarious)

In deciding to go I mentioned to my friend Mike we wouldn't be here, since I'd asked if he wanted to try to meet up and do something. He lives closer than any of our other friends, and the thought of sitting and doing nothing was depressing. We'll be going through Kansas City to get to MO, so he suggested we meet up for lunch. It's good timing, Jack will need to eat and be changed, and we should be hungry by then as well.
So this is all well and good, but I have left out one small detail. Mike is my ex fiance. He and Joe know one another, in a backwards way I met Joe through Mike. They were both in GDI and I first started going to those parties with Mike. Joe was vice president the first year I was involved with the group.

The clusterfuck that was my relationship with Mike went off and on for four years, then I started seeing Joe. It was awkward* enough to tell Joe about it, and for Joe to know I still talked to Mike. He wasn't sure if I would go back to Mike at the beginning of our relationship. Which is understandable as many times as Mike and I got back together. There are parts of me that are still hung up on Mike and always will be, and this will be the first time the three of us have hung out together since Joe and I began dating. The guys both insist they will be comfortable with it, but I am not sure I will be.
I'm a bit nervous.