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Friday, July 08, 2005

I told you I needed my sleep

I am having the worst afternoon and evening. Really I suppose I should say Jack is having the worst one, seeing as how he's the one who is being bothered by something. He's fed, he's pooped, he's comfy, he wont stop crying. Even when I am walking around which holds him off even when he's hungry. Not today though, oh hell no. Nothing works today, and to top it off he's not slept more than an hour at a time, and he's only done that twice since 2pm. (I mark things from when Joe leaves for work)

Why this makes my day so bad is the aforementioned lack of sleep. I cried for two hours, desperately pleading with Jack to stop and rest so I could sleep. I still haven't slept, though Jack did finally pass out about fifteen minutes ago. I have been running around throwing away trash, washing bottles, and eating. He may finally be down, but I hold no hope that this will last.

God I'm tired. And if Joe ever wants to have real sex again and not permanently rely on the porn he'll be taking care of Jack tonight.


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