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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Random musings while Jack sleeps

  • Joe and I have been experimenting with dividing the night-time bleary-eyed baby-duty. He takes Jack until 6 AM since I usually go to bed before he does, then I take Jack from 6 AM on. It's nice, because we both get long chunks of sleep, but this also means I've been getting up for the day around 8 or 9 instead of 11 or 12. Add in the fact that Joe is working overtime this week and I am up from 8 until 1:30AM. This sucks donkey cock. Thus my happy dance over my nap. Sorry about rubbing it in like that.
  • I am a bit obsessed with adding links, and those nifty rectangle boxes to my sidebar. Anytime I visit a website that has nifty rectangle boxes I check to see if there are any I want to get. I have been trimming back as I add new ones, but I fear my site shall soon turn into a solid brick wall of link images. I also desperately want people to read my blog. It's like when you are in junior high and crave from the bottom of your soul being invited to the popular table. I never was. (I'm glad for that now, my friends were much better people, and I still talk to a lot of them today. Though two of them became Republicans which is hard to swallow)
  • Is it unreasonable of me to get mad when Joe called me at 11 PM last night to tell me he was working late? I mean, I look forward hard core to that last hour or two of my day knowing Joe is going to spell me with Jack soon. Then he calls me 15 minutes before he's supposed to walk through the door and tells me he's gonna be gone 2 more hours. That just shot my night to shit, and he didn't get it! I seriously wish I had somewhere I could go to leave Jack with him for the day, then call and say "Oh, I am going to be late". Then he'd get it. Bastard.
  • I haven't actually updated the book list as fast as I've been reading the books. I don't know that anyone would believe me, and if they did there's no way they'd believe I do anything but read all day. But I do, really.
  • If others check their site meters as often as I do, they are going to think I am some crazy lady. Well, I am a crazy lady, but I am not stalking anyone I swear. When I am holding Jack it's usually the easiest way to entertain myself, by obsessively checking my blogroll to see if anyone has updated. So I may be hitting your site 5 times a day, but I am doing it to everyone. I am an equal opportunity obsessive. Though come to think of it, I don't look at how many times a day any individual hits my site, so perhaps I shouldn't have pointed that out.

So there you have it. The little crap that was floating around in my head but I hadn't posted since it was silly, or made me look dumb, or was short or all of the above.
God I need a life.


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