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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

American Psycho

When you are depressed your shrink asks if your regular activities have * lost interest for you. Looking at how little I've been online in the past couple of weeks, I think it'd be pretty safe to say they have. What's also interesting is that I told my shrink not to worry about me unless I started not going to appointments. I then proceeded to miss my next two. (One was legitimate in that it wasn't scheduled properly. The other was totally me not wanting to go anywhere.)
I've been going to work, which is encouraging, but I just haven't been doing much else. I know a large part of the reason I've not been online is having to use the desktop now that my laptop is broken, but when I am staring at the computer thinking "I need to check my email and post" and then can't even motivate myself to do so then something's gotta give.

Did I mention I've been really slacking off in the taking the medicine department? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the thing that has to give. It didn't really occur to me when I was on my three week period, because anyone is going to feel like hell if they are on their period for three weeks. But that's done now (FINALLY) (Thank God) and I still feel kind of crappy, and I hate everyone and I really should take my Xanax before I go to work. (I mentioned the new woman whom I despise, right? I despise her. I worked with her today. That's what got me thinking about the meds.)

So anyway, I guess what I am saying is that Jack's Raging Mommy needs to rage less so that she can rage more. Is that ironic or an oxymoron or what? There should be a word for that. Other than crazy, I've got that one all wrapped up.

*As I was writing this Jack took five steps in a row. FIVE!


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