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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Working for the man every night and day

We all (those of us paranoid enough to have site trackers) comment upon and laugh at the search terms people use that lead them to our sites. My top two are still "Gorgeous Nipples" and "Naughty Housewives".
The porn fiends usually take one look at our sites and head (pun intended) off for their true goal. Really, it's just funny.

Until you get those creepy ones. The ones that make you shudder a bit. The ones that make you think there should be something you can do. The ones that border on or actually are quests for child pornography.

Now, I'm no friend of "The Man". I don't like the government getting too involved on our lives and private business. But as a mother, as a human the thought of child pornography erases all those hesitations. So I did what every mother would do, and I went to "The Man" in the form of the local FBI office. That's right sickos, I'm turning your ass in. I'd be concerned about tipping them off, but not a one of them has stuck around or bothered to read this, so I'm thinking we're all good.

I did warn the agent that the content here is meant to be humorous, and taken with a grain of salt, and my life really wasn't like that, and oh, I use a ton of profanity.... by this point I was babbling out of nervousness that the FBI might read my site and wonder if I should be put under surveillance. But The United State Government would never illegally monitor it's citizens, right? To be fair though, it was the NSA that President Bush used for his modern version of Nixon's tapes, not the FBI.

But just in case, Hi Mr. Agent Man! Welcome! I really am not this crazy, it's my persona. Don't worry about a thing here, okay?

I still feel like a tool.


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