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Friday, January 20, 2006

So funny it hurts.

So this is hilarious. Feel free to laugh along at home.
I was going to post the other day about my cramps, and how much they sucked. I hadn't had cramps in forever, and I was not pleased. I never wrote that post. But this one is so much better.

It would appear that I don't actually have cramps, I have a hernia. Yep. A freakin' hernia. No, I'm not old and decrepit, or a man (which for some reason I associate with hernias). Hernias aren't really a big deal. They are easily repaired with minor surgery. Now, as if that weren't humorous enough, I have no insurance.

Joe has insurance. Jack and Caleb have insurance. I, however, have no insurance at my own insistence. Remember how I'm crazy? Well, the clinic that I go to that only charges me $3 per prescription would no longer take me as a patient if I had insurance. Considering the cost of insurance versus the cost of the clinic, it's a much better deal. I can still see them for medical reasons and get the crazy pills at the same time. The only glitch in this plan would be the fact that the clinic doesn't perform surgeries. Go figure.

It gets just a bit better, though. I could be added to Joe's insurance, and give up my clinic coverage so that I could have the hernia surgery. However, it seems stupid to do that without knowing for certain if I have a hernia. As no flesh has started protruding, we* don't know for sure. I could go to the clinic and be diagnosed, but doing so would create a pre-existing condition in the eyes of the insurance company, and I wouldn't be able to receive treatment for the condition. I love health care in this country.

Currently I am hobbling around my home hoping that this is a pulled muscle, a rupturing ovarian cyst (which I had before and got over without treatment) or even gas pains. If you read this site though, you know luck is not in my favor.

I just have to figure out if the pain is worse than the crazy. That's an easy call, right?

*My mother is a nurse


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