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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Snot nose diaries

We are surrounded by sick children. Jack has bronchitis, after dealing with a cold for a couple weeks that decided to move down to his lungs. I feel really bad for the little guy, we have him on antibiotics but it's always hard when your baby feels bad and you can't make it better.
Caleb has been with us for a few days since his mom just had her new baby, and he's got a cold as well. Then to top it all off his mom just called to say she's in the hospital with the new baby. He has a 103 degree fever, and they are talking about doing a spinal tap.

Joe is going to go pick up Caleb's other brother from their aunt, then take them both to the hospital so that set of grandparents can pick them up and take care of them while their mom is at the hospital with the baby.

At least I don't have to feel guilty, since even though Jack was around the new baby the other day it would take a week for bronchitis to show up. I let Caleb's mom know he had it so that she could keep an eye out for signs, and she'll be able to tell the hospital he's been exposed as well.

I am really not her biggest fan, but no parent should have to go through the fear of a very sick newborn. I hope everything else works out okay, and if you all could keep them in your thoughts or prayers I'd appreciate it.

On the homefront my laptop still hates me, and I'll have to set up one of my much less powerful desktops. (I have three. I am a geek. I wear it with pride.) I got my laptop for $400 about three years ago, even though it was a $1000 machine, because I bought it off someone I knew, and on top of that she let me make payments. I'm not likely to find that sweet of a deal again, so yet another reason to be sad. And angry, and in denial. I've got all the stages of grief going here.

I'm glad everyone likes the strawberries. I was quite pleased with how it turned out myself. The only problem is that every time I go online I get cravings. :)


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