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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Exceptin' Alice

How is it that I've never seen Alice's Restaurant before? The song was a major part of my consciousness back in high school. My friend Groovy used to call Jason "Arlo" since they had the same hair.
I remember one night when Arlo Guthrie played the 40 Watt in Athens when I was down there. It was amazing.
So how is it that the fact that there was a movie completely slipped under my radar? Don't let this travesty happen to you. I am watching it on Flix right now, so if you subscribe to the Starz package I am sure it will be on again. (In fact I just checked and it will be on again Tuesday at 9:35 AM CST) If you don't have Starz, which most sensible people don't since nothing much that is good is ever on, then rent it or watch it on your computador. Not that I would ever encourage people to download things off the interweb. I am much more upstanding a citizen than that.

EDIT: They just followed it up with Dick Tracy. Flix is some quality movie watching.


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