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Thursday, July 21, 2005

None of this is logically connected

I like watching the Ellen DeGeneres show during the day, it's a nice break and I generally like who she has on. Well, other than her musical guests. We have different taste in music. However, she's been on hiatus for a few weeks now, and I am bored with the re-runs. Unfortunately TNT who has on Law & Order is showing golf all day. All damn day. Bastards. So I've got Ellen on the TV for now.

Jack is laying down which I am going to let him do as long as he likes. He had the screaming colic earlier, and oh holy lord it hurt. We were both just sobbing like... babies. I managed to get him to eat again and that put him out so if he wants to he can sleep all damn day. Once Joe gets home he has Jack duty until 6 AM anyway, so I will just sleep then. And possibly take some NyQuil.

The parents arrive tomorrow. If I had the cable for my camera I would take a picture of my living room so you could understand. There are four laundry baskets full of clean clothes, various baby contraptions, packed boxes, empty boxes, books, papers and random mail strewn everywhere. This is not hyperbole. There is stuff from one wall to the other and then from the other wall to the other other wall. The only reason the bedroom isn't in the same state is that all the boxes from the top of the closet are lined up along the wall and all the clothes are in the living room. The sunroom is... daunting as all get out. We have one of those huge metal shelf units that has basically served the purpose of a storage unit for the past year. The rolltop desk is not in use for it's intended purpose since it is home to stacks of things and has boxes stored in it's leg space.
Now yes, my parents are coming to help us pack, but the place has to be presentable when they get here.

I suppose I have babbled enough here. I am having a desperate need to communicate, and since I already called my mother in tears I thought I would share with the internet. You're welcome, internet.


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