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Monday, July 18, 2005

Packrat is putting it mildly

I am mildly obsessive compulsive. Generally it means that when I clean things I clean them really thoroughly, but for the most part it's under control. I also make stacks of things like books, papers, CD's, etc. I don't need to count things, or wash my hands, or pick up every piece of lint I see. In fact, I hate going into that mode so much that I will procrastinate cleaning to avoid triggering it. So my house isn't dirty, but it's messy. Now we have a baby and I've discovered that weird time sucking quality that babies come with. (The fact that I am constantly reading and blogging and watching TV has nothing to do with how fast my day goes by.) In all actuality though, once Jack falls asleep I need to relax and mostly can't bring myself to get up and do work. I am a lazy bitch.

The apartment is really messy.

My parents are coming to help us pack everything on Friday, which means that to make that process possible I have to clean all week. Sure, I could put away my stacks of things, but it would take hours since everything has to go into a specific place and I'd end up re-organizing my 1000+ books in the meantime. This is why I put this crap off. I go into the kitchen to get a glass of water and spend half an hour doing dishes and cleaning and never get my water.
I have to clean due to the impending parents, I hate to let them see my place messy. It shames me. Everything is so out of order right now it's going to take me forever. This week is going to suck.


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