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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Big N, Little y...

My head is killing me, killing me I tell you! It's got it's tendrils wrapped around and it's squeezing.
In all actuality if it doesn't back off I'll get a migraine, which I hate. I used to be able to take Alieve, and if I got it in time it would work. But oh, no. Pregnant ladies can't take Alieve.
So yeah, that is when it hit me and I went and took an Alieve. Then I realized I can have all kinds of good drugs again. I can take Ny Quil, home of the big fuckin' Q. I can take allergy sinus medicine with sweet mother ephedrine. I love you Jack, but gimme the drugs.
(I also took one of the uber-Motrins I had left from the hospital. This bitch needs to back off, I still have to brave the wilds of Wal-Mart)