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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Things that suck right now

  • I am out of Harry Potter. I'm going to re-read Goblet of Fire (I totally did that out of order) but still, I'd like more new story please.
  • I am out of library books, and as I am leaving on Friday I am unable to pick up Nickel and Dimed and Fast Food Nation that just came in for me. (I could have one done by Sunday morning, but I still haven't cleaned. It's safer not to get them if I plan on finishing)
  • I am depressed. Not dangerously so, just down. (Though once I get back to Missouri I can go back to the clinic I used to attend and see my old doctor and get my old prescriptions back. Xanax!)
  • Did I mention I still haven't cleaned? I got the oven done. I went to get a soda.
  • I have to wake Jack up soon. He goes back and forth between sleeping about 6 hours at night, to waking up every two hours. So I am going to try not letting him nap longer than two hours at a pop today and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn't I won't do it again, cause I like my free time during the day. It's what keeps me from killing the neighbors.
  • The neighbors are fucking so much it's shaking the window. God I am glad I'm moving.

(P.S. Blogger's spellcheck didn't know the word fucking. I told it to learn it. I have a feeling it'll crop up again.)


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