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Friday, July 22, 2005

The whole fam-damily

So my folks arrived with my brother in tow, and I have survived the first night. I will say it's yet another reason to be glad for wireless internet, they are all sprawled out in the sunroom and livingroom but I am still able to feed my habit. Which is good, since I am still going to be awake for a bit. The one time I have a reason to turn off the T.V., and that Jack is sound asleep when I normally want to go to bed, and I'm not tired. God has a twisted sense of humor I tell you.

I probably won't be on for a few days, tomorrow is going to be a long day filled with a lot of packing and nagging from my mother to throw stuff out. Sunday we are going to drive over 7 hours, and then I will be staying with my parents until Joe comes down at the end of the month. They have dial-up. I am never going to be online. Which is a lie, but when you are online the second you open your laptop, dial-up is hard to deal with.

Also? It's ungodly hot. The heat index is almost 110, and unlike most women I don't perspire or glisten, I sweat. A lot.


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