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Monday, February 27, 2006


So I am back in my foul mood, which worries me since today is the last day I work with the bitch. But, it's the last day I work with her, which helps, and I intend to be heavily medicated today as well. Stupid period.

Caleb is visiting for a few days, so all our schedules and habits are thrown out of orbit. I don't have a lot of structure, but every time it goes away I realize how fond I am of the bits I do have. I should work on structuring the rest of my time better. I know I'd achieve so much more, but well, I'm just too lazy. Which applies to me not making the schedule, and why I don't want to in the first place. Doesn't help that I am working on breaking my caffeine habit, and am a lot less active than normal. I need a nice safe legal version of speed. That would be swell.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to send up a warning flag about my mood.
I'm going to go make some food now.