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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Little Things

So Mixter asked me to do the five random things meme, and I finally saw it, so I guess I should.
Five random things about me.
1. I have been paid for acting, singing and writing. The writing was erotica. The acting and singing weren't.
2. I have 20 piercings in my ears.
3. I once had the Natalie Portman/ Sinead O'Connor head shaved look.
4. I am severely addicted to caffeine, but only in the form of Dr. Pepper (and it's generics). I hate all other soda.
5. I don't wear makeup. It's not a hippie thing, or a feminist thing, it's mostly a sweat thing and an I can't see wasting the time thing. When I do wear even the slightest bit of makeup (mascara and blush) everyone notices. I clean up well.

Now I want Moxiemomma to do this BUT she has to do five things that aren't on her 100 things list.

Lots of people are wondering if I will be attending BlogHer, and GOD I would love to go, I really would, but I am not. It's the money really. Even if I could come up with it there are so many other things that it could be spent on that I just can't justify the expense. If I made money off my blog, then I would be able to, because it would be work related, but I'm just not that dedicated and I'm not willing to quit cursing for Google AdSense. So I'll just be staying home turning green reading all the wonderful recaps that will be written. I don't think SJ is going either. We should organize some kind of online party where all the moms get drunk at the same time and blog about it. That could be hi-larious.

And finally:
(this is the best part)
A couple weeks ago SJ wrote about how she saw a minivan commercial, and realized she'd become that person who lusts after minivans. I commented that I was going through the same thing after Jack was born wanting to have my mom's van for all the lovely room it has. So anyway, today my mom was telling me that their other van didn't work all that well, but it still had at least a year on it, and that oh by the way, she and my father were giving it to me!
I'm getting a free van!
Sure, it's old and will need a transmission soon, but it's free! And mine!
We are now officially a three vehicle family which is awesome, but makes us sound much more well off than we are. We're more like those white trash families who have five junkers in the yard, except we aren't white trash and all the vehicles run, but you know what I mean.


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