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Thursday, March 16, 2006

HI There!

It's not really that I have news, I mean, there's potential news but I didn't want to talk about it until we knew for sure, but that contributed to my not posting for a week so I have to get over it.

Joe had a job interview in St. Louis last week, and we are supposed to hear back this week or so but here it is Thursday and we've heard nada. I worry that I jinxed it since I was so ambivalent about it. The job isn't his dream job, but it's in his field. It's not huge pay, but better than what we are both bringing in right now. I'd get out of Rolla, but the job itself is right down the street from his family, and they have a tendency to come over unannounced at all hours. I mean, his dad gets bored and drives two hours to visit as it is. We'd have to move again, and we just re-arranged the house around the fact that Jack now walks regularly. (After he hit thirteen steps in a row I stopped counting every time).
I don't know anyone in St. Louis. Well, I know people from the interweb, and a few people from UMR, but not anyone I talk to on a regular basis. Then again I don't hang out with many real people here in Rolla. I was going to go to MoPS on Tuesday but chickened out at the last minute. I was afraid they'd all be "grown-ups" and mature and not foul mouthed freaks. I'd like me some foul mouthed freaks for mom friends, but that's why I have you all.
Anyway, we are still up in the air on it, and I'll let you know as soon as I do. Being a pessimistic person by nature I keep thinking if we haven't heard yet we wont. It's no reflection of Joe's abilities, he's brilliant. It's just that I'm negative like that.

I have been busy, and it's all my own damn fault and rather ironic at that. Remember the whole thing where I laid down the law and said I wouldn't work with the bitch, and they told me they wouldn't cut my hours and then they did cut my hours and I was angry and hurt? Remember how I also said I prefer fewer hours anyway, so it was prolly for the best? Well, while still upset I went by one of the other locations and asked for a day here and there.
I've been working about 30 hours a week since then. I know. Like I said, my own damn fault and ironic as hell. I like everyone there though, and work has become somewhat fun again, but I'm always busy now and it's affecting my internet usage and that's just wrong.

There is a plus though: part of the reason my usage has been down is that with the broken laptop I have to use the desktop and can't sit on my ass on the couch and watch TV and surf all at the same time. BUT!

I haven't decided on a particular brand or model yet, suggestions welcome since I'm about to start my research. It gives me something to look forward to. Plus, if we do move to StL I wouldn't be working so I could go back to being a lady of leisure. I mean, you all know how leisurely being a stay at home mom is right?

I'm really sorry I neglected everyone for so long. Please say you still love me?


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