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Monday, April 03, 2006



I got my new laptop today, even though it wasn't initially supposed to even ship until tomorrow. Am I complaining though? Hell to the NO I am not! It's so pretty, and sleek, and light, and the screen is SO much bigger and clearer that my old one... I'm in lust. I'm pretty sure I've got tingly sensations in my private parts.

I'll need to take a picture, even though it's the laptop in my background, but this one will be mine, not some random Dell photo of a laptop like mine. There's a difference. Also, I've already noticed that the keyboard layout is a lot better for my hands. This is nice.

Oh, and before I forget, on the ER two Thursdays ago they said my real name. One of Morris'' kids had my name. Did anyone notice the names? Any guesses as to which one was mine?
I was thrilled since it's only the second time I've ever heard my name on TV when it wasn't specifically about me, and the first time I've heard it in a TV series. It rocked.

I am in such a good fucking mood right now. Lets get drunk. Are you with me internet? Break out the alcoholic beverage of choice and help me celebrate the new computer. Maybe later you'll get a drunken rambling post. Those are always fun :)


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