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Monday, March 20, 2006


So I finally have something really great to talk about...
and I can't.
For legal reasons.
See? I told you it was something good.
Once it's done I'll spill all the gory/juicy details.
But not now.
The lawyer wouldn't approve.
We have a lawyer!

Today is the third and final of a three day off period from work. It's been nice, but I don't really feel like it's been enough. Especially since due to a number of events I will be an acting manager for a week. A week in which I am scheduled over forty hours. (I won't work all of them, but still. Sucks hardcore.)

I am not sure if it's stress, or how I've been sleeping, or just that Jack weighs over 20 pounds now and isn't so easy to fling about (not that I'd ever fling my child), but I have done something horrible to a muscle in my neck. You know that feeling like your neck needs to pop, so everything stiffens up and you can't move it properly, but you also can't pop it for the life of you? Yeah, that but a little worse in that it's wanting to spread down into my back. I need to have my boobs cut off.

We were talking about boobs size at work the other day and it occurred to me: you can donate tissue, and marrow, and kidneys and still live, and we have liposuction, so there must be some way to donate one's boob fat to a needy A-Cup. I said at one point "I could make three women very happy". Then I realized how that sounded. Aren't I funny?

I may be quiet over the next week what with all the obsessive working, but I'll try not to disappear, even though I've been kinda sucky about it lately.


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