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Saturday, August 20, 2005


I hate my family right now. Not the Jack and Joe family, but the parents, brother, disowned sister, nieces and nephew family.

I don't have anything to do with my sister. I avoided talking to her for seven years, and trust me when I say that there are many valid, documented by the state reasons for this. I wouldn't be talking to her now except that my mom forgave her when she started spitting out grandkids, and as they live near here now they show up on occasion. It's my parents' house after all, so I just suck it up the best I can. They all came over the other day (sans alcoholic jackass of a husband who she is separated from but whom she deserved) for my father's birthday. She had no right to be there, the easiest reason to explain being that she is from my mother's first marriage and he's not even her dad.

I had to put up with her ignorant ugly dumb ass for three hours, and her screaming bratty children who are just little clones of their parents. (The youngest is actually okay, she's only eighteen months and has pretty much been raised by my mother)
I do not like her.
She ruined my father's birthday for me, which is not even the remotest surprise considering how many things she has intentionally ruined over the years.

It angers me that my mother is suckered in by her supposed changes, it angers me that my father has forgiven her, and that my brother (bless his sweet innocent soul) has no idea how evil and manipulative she is, and that she'd sell him out in a minute if she could get some shiny beads for him.

Guess who is not invited to the wedding?


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