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Saturday, August 13, 2005

I'm hungover

I fell asleep holding Jack in one of the recliners not too long after I posted last night. My head was flopped funny and as such has been killing me all day. And I have acid stomach. The wages of drunken debauchery. So here's my depressing, slightly whiny "Woe Is My Life" post. You asked for it internet. Don't blame me.

Alicia (Caleb's mother) is a horrid bitch. I can't stand her. She's skanky. Anyway, she didn't bother to listen to when we needed to drop Caleb off, so we had to drop him off last night and cancel plans to see my son. We had two birthday parties with Caleb, but she accused Joe of being a bad father and being neglectful since he wouldn't be at the one she was throwing. In her head that is the only real party and nothing we did actually counts. Joe is working nights, so he had to go to bed this afternoon to get back on that sleep schedule. She yelled at him that he should stay up for 24 hours and then work a 12 hour shift because he doesn't need sleep. Then she threatened to not let him see Caleb again, so we had to suck up and act like we were the ones who didn't relay information properly.

Joe's mother thinks I rushed Joe into the relationship. Now mind you, he moved me to Omaha, and it was his idea. Also? We'd already talked about getting married before I moved up there.
She also thinks I got pregnant on purpose. Why the hell would I do that? Joe's a wonderful guy, but he has no money to speak of and there's no situation where I would profit by doing that. The first word out of my mouth when I saw that stick start to change color was "shit". On purpose my ass. (I love Jack, but hell no he wasn't planned)

And finally, I found out that a very good friend from high school has HIV and HepB. I hadn't talked to him since I moved away from Georgia, but it still makes me terribly sad. I am trying to plan out an email in my head that doesn't sound flippant, but also doesn't sound like I'm already planning his obituary. I'm just sad. This was one of my old runnin' around and breaking rules buddies. I think the last time I ever saw him we did coke and he came out to me. Which is a good memory.

So those are the main reasons yesterday sucked so hard. Throw in my period and heightened irritability level, and it was just not a good day to be me or know me.
But I did get pretty drunk.


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