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Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm bad

I find inappropriate things humorous with my child. For instance?

Earlier Jack was oh so tired, and he'd nod off and his head would slowly droop down. Then he'd wake up with a jerk and this drunk looking grin on his face, only to drop his head again. As I was holding him I just kept laughing and watching him do it again and again instead of cuddling him so that he could fall asleep. When I did finally let him sleep he was out immediately. I'm mean, but it was funny!

Just now I belched really loudly (no dainty burps here) and Jack practically jumped out of his skin in fright. Isn't that hilarious? Unfortunately I can't make myself belch on command so there were no opportunities for repeats.

Yesterday Joe went to change Jack's dirty diaper when we were away from home, only to discover that the travel case of wipes was empty. And what Jack had was the true definition of shitload. I apologized to Joe, but I am still laughing about that.

I'm so not mature enough to be a parent :)