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Monday, August 01, 2005

Basic Instinct

I'm pretty sure I am kind of unnatural. You know those Luv's commercials where the mom says "when the baby first comes you wont let anyone hold it" etc? That is so not me. I'll plop Jack into your arms in a heartbeat as long as I am kind of sure you wont drop him.
Now, sure, it's mostly because doing the whole stay at home not having a job thing means I am holding Jack pretty much exclusively. Joe takes his turns when he's home, but a good three quarters of the day falls in my hands. (I punned.)
With family living so far away, and not having real life friends closer than three hours away, when I get the chance to be baby-less I jump at it. I was incapable of letting Jack stay with my parents for a week without me, so I guess it's a short term thing.

I stopped by my old work the other day, and everyone immediately oohed and ahhed as is appropriate for a new baby. I had no trouble letting anyone who liked hold him. Even the old manager who I hate. Three of them also asked where he came from which I found half amusing and half disturbing. Am I that non maternal? Maybe it's the fact that they knew me as a multi-pierced (only ears) insane freak.

Here's the thing though, sure I'll let you hold my baby so I can remember what it's like to not be joined at the hip. And I'll let you hold the baby so I can nap, or eat, or be on the computer or any number of other things. But I let my mom take Jack to church the other day, and as much as I enjoyed the alone time, and the opportunity to sleep in, I missed him horribly.
As soon as he got home I hugged him, and fed him and we played.
Then I handed him to my brother.


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