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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Are you sure your name isn't Moron?

Dear Mr. Comment Spammer,

Hello and welcome to Jack's Raging Mommy. I am Jack's Raging Mommy. See the word "raging"? It stands as a hint you might not want to piss me off.
I don't like comment spam. It's stupid and time consuming and futile. Do you really think that people you piss off will go to your site to do anything other than yell at you? Sure, you may get a few more hits but I doubt it's worth the effort.
I personally did not even go to your site to complain. I went to Blogger. See, as a Blogger user you should have been aware that comment spam is against the terms of service. I checked. Then I reported your dumb ass. I hope they suspend your account fuckwad.

Perhaps most importantly though, and what you really should have noticed, are the large ACLU and Human Rights Campaign "Million For Marriage" banners very prominently posted to the right of the post. Do you really, in your "far right wing" addled brain, think that your site is one I want to view? Did you think that your close minded politics are ones that I would embrace? Where the hell do you get the nerve to pollute my personal space with your hatred? These tactics are not going to work to win anyone over to your cause. Use the pea you call a brain and look at your surroundings before leaving your junk mail here.

Thank You,
Jack's Raging Mommy