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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

That's annoying.

I changed my comments over to Haloscan since they provide comment emailing options, but it made my signature line too long, and erased all my existing comments. Has anyone else used their system? Opinions? I created the template restore, so switching back is no problem.
I'll give it a try for a little bit, but if I don't like it I am just going to go back to Blogger's default.
If you can't see my comments how are you supposed to know how popular I am?!

And in posting this, the haloscan info is gone and my old comments are back. I am fairly internet savvy, so wtf is this?

Edit #2: I decided to delete the code or cancel my account, what with the dissappearing and reappearing Haloscan features and the ads in the comments, but the Haloscan site gives you no such option, and when I went to delete the code it wasn't even there.

3rd and final Edit:
Haloscan binds to your IP to work, so if you are on dialup -as I am temporarily- every time your IP changes it will not work. I'm still not sure what caused my problem though, since I never disconnected or received a new IP. This whole thing was so not worth the effort.