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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The path not taken that is covered in thorns and brambles

I think that talking to the ex-fiance the night before the wedding may not be such a great idea. Except that it is, since it's reminding me why the "ex" part.

Did I mention he cheated on me?

Yes, I have had moments of is this the right thing to do? But the answer is always yes. I love Joe, and perhaps more importantly, Joe loves me. Joe is faithful to me, honest with me, and is great in bed. It's equally important. And I've been drinking.

Is it possible to love someone and have zero desire to be with them? M is a great guy, and he's also a complete asshole. Every time I picture the life we'd have had I shudder.

And if possible, the in-laws would have been worse.
I told you the pre-wedding freakouts would be bad.


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