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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I love Bullshit! I mean, this is a really great show. I am beginning to suspect that Penn Jillette is a genius. Sure, it's easy to watch an episode like the one on Ghost Busters and know that it's bullshit and to agree with them, but when they can make a liberal like me change my stance on gun control? That' some serious mojo right there.
The new season started last night and I'm watching the episode on the Boy Scouts right now. (I also love my DVR) They actually have me upset enough to write to my representatives requesting they take a stance against the public funding of the Boy Scouts. I mean, sure, if they were a truly private, Mormon church run organization they could exclude anyone they like. This is America, they get to do it, and we get to say we don't like it. However, once they receive public funding they lose that right because you can't use tax dollars to discriminate. Just watch the episode. They explain it much better than I could.

Another cable show I am really digging on is Big Love. We got the free weekend of HBO, and I was already missing it from when we had it up in Omaha, so when I saw this show I was like "Ok, we're getting HBO again". So their little ploy worked, but seriously, it is that good of a show. Damn hilarious. Though I doubt it will convince me polygamy is cool. I don't mean polyamory, which works for some people, including my best friend Allan, but old school Mormon polygamy where they marry off girls at fourteen to their uncles. Not that the main character family is in that situation, but they are former members of a compound who do still practice those beliefs.

This is turning into the Mormon post. In that theme I will tell you a small anecdote from work. We got this new employee, who I was told before I'd met her "S is gay! She just came right out and said it! Can you believe that!". Have I mentioned how much I like bigots? You talk about your boyfriend. Get over it. Anyway, once I started working with S I found out her family are practicing Mormons. So I asked her about "garments" (the holy underwear). She was a little embarrassed, but admitted, yes, she'd worn them in the past. She's inactive now, which considering the Mormon church's position on homosexuality is totally understandable.

Basically I guess this post is saying I like gay people, and not fundamentalist Mormons. So nothing new, right?
I think it's just the thrill of being able to post again :)


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