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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lets try this again?

Newly repaired new laptop is now in my possession. But I don't have Playboy, and I can live with that.

I recently got addicted to Gilmore Girls. I was bored one day at 4 pm and I thought to myself "I'll watch Gilmore Girls. Nothing else is on, and people talk about it as if it is really good". I never looked back. Though coming in partway through the re-runs on the Family Channel and the new episodes on the WB, there's a bit of confusion. Exactly why did Rory steal a boat? Did she quit school before that? Was Sookie married to Jackson from the beginning of the series or did I miss that? I've also seen none of Rory dating Jess or Dean before he got married. But I'm hooked nonetheless. The re-runs are catching up with the new episodes which makes me happy since they should rotate back around to the beginning of the series then.

To answer though? I do not like Logan. I do believe that he thought they were broken up when he slept with the bridesmaids, but still. He's just... slimy. He has the whole entitlement thing going on, and he really doesn't give a damn about people he views as being beneath him.
I don't see a lot of viable alternatives for her though.
Also? Paris dating Jonathan? (He was Jonathan on Buffy so Jonathan he remains) I LOVE that. It's just too good. Also I recently realized that Paris played David Krumholtz's wife on ER when he was the schizophrenic who stabbed Carter and Lucy.

Suzan, I'll email you what I do about the search mongers.

So, I'm back.... again... let's see if this works.