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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ok, now I got myself all pissed off

See, I was going to try to write a post about the adoption of my older son, but then someone criticized my last post and I tried to respond nicely but I'm cranky at the telemarketers, and I'm tired and basically I have just managed to get mad.

I like that people read my site. I love that people look forward to my posts, and I feel really shitty about all the gaps recently with my depression and broken computer. Instead of writing again about my depression and broken computer I thought I'd write about something that I find interesting and that other readers had asked me about. So it kind of pisses me off that someone would criticize that. I mean, if you want another "I have nothing to say and no motivation and nothing I care about" post then just skim over the last couple of months, or find some emo kid. I'm making an effort here.

I've never gone on someone else's site and complained about what they decided to write about. If it didn't interest me I didn't read it, and if it kept up like that I just stopped reading altogether. These people don't owe me anything and to be frank I don't owe anyone anything.
I try to be funny, biting, clever, entertaining, etc. But that is all my choice, and if I fail in being any of these things then that is my fault. I'm sorry if you don't like what I write about, but a computer is a lot like a television, you have a choice in what you look at.

And I'll finish by saying if the comment wasn't meant in the very harsh way that I took it then I am sincerely sorry for biting your head off and being incapable of taking a joke. It's that kind of morning.


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