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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Colbert, My Mom and My Baby

(see the rest at You Tube)

Sometimes I forget how ignorant people on the internet can be. I spend a lot of time at very specific, mostly intelligent sites, and as such avoid the trolls as much as is possible. So it really never occurred to me when I went over to You Tube to watch the video of Steven Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner that the comments would be full of people who didn't know who Colbert was, didn't get the jokes (how ignorant are they?), and didn't appreciate the humor. Why did you watch the video then? Once you realized it wasn't your cup of tea why did you continue watching? And what possessed you to comment on your ignorance?

Then there are those who thought they knew what was going on and helpfully explained to others that Colbert was "playing" Bill O'Reilley. No, not so much. He's playing a Republican commentator/pundit based on several TV personalities. He's not just being O'Reilley. Jesus. These are the ones who want us to believe they are in the know. It makes me understand why O'Reilley referred to Daily Show viewers as stoned slackers.

I just wonder when ignorance became so acceptable. People don't care that they are stupid, and many of them seem to be proud of it. Why should I read a book? Who cares if my grammar is atrocious, I don't know how to pronounce words and I can't even tell you who the first president of the United States was? For fuck's sake. No grade school child should NOT know who the first president was. I can't recite them all, but at least I know that much, which something like 40% of American High School students don't know. WTF.


My mom had a brief scare when some blood work showed her to have critical levels of blood clotting agent. She was rushed to the emergency room where they made her wait for over half an hour. And the sad part is that was fast.

I'm going to get the video from Jack's first birthday party and put it up. We got some great cake covered shots, and the ensuing bath. He's picking up words like crazy now, it's fun, and freaky and fulfilling and I am running out of f words.
Anyway, he's cute.
My baby rocks.


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