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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dead Woman Writing

Joe is going to kill me when he gets home from work and found out how much I spent at the store.
To be fair, I warned him before he went to work I was doing a very thorough shopping and may spend a lot, thinking in my head something around $150. I spent $250. Now, $15 of that alone was tax, cause damn that liquor tax is expensive. How much did you spend on alcohol, you ask. Well, it's interesting that you should ask that. We have guests coming this weekend, and I wanted something better than cheap beer to offer. So I got four bottles of wine and two bottles of liquor, and though it wasn't expensive I still spent around $50 on the potables alone.

Then there were hair products. I'm bored with my hair, so to put off cutting it all off, which is something I can only pull off while thin, I got lots of little hair clippies and whatnot.

Oh! And I found the nicest glass mugs that are perfect for chilling and drinking beer out of. But they are real. And glass. I only got four though! ('Cause of the company. Otherwise I would have stuck to two)

And then there's the whole company is coming and the sheets on the old mattress are worn as hell. So new sheets. And pillows! I got the cheap ones though, but it adds up.

What else? A few baby things (still no leash. They keep selling out as soon as they come in stock. I am going to order them off the website), a couple kitchen things, and some random food.

I'm now relaxing with a 7&7 (what, you thought the alcohol would last untouched 'til the company arrived?) and am hoping to be pleasantly toasted and willing to dole out sexual favors once Joe gets home and sees the total.


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