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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Help, I need a background, Help, not just any background

I'm getting bored with the book theme. I mean, I like it, but it's been a few weeks and we all know how short my attention span is. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Any past themes that you miss and would like to see again? An entirely new idea? The best one I have right now is a tie-dye psychedelic thing. Which I may just do anyway since that could be nice and colorful and fun, but I wouldn't mind the feedback.

Jack is entering a one or two nap a day cycle now, which means putting him to bed when tired isn't working anymore since he stays up until 10 now if I let him. So I am having to learn how to do scheduled naptimes and bedtime. This sucks. I don't spoil the kid, but I also can't listen to him yell. It hurts me. But if I keep giving in and getting him up then he will end up spoiled. I know all the techniques, and I'm following them, it's just so hard to listen to your child cry and know you have the power to stop it, but not to do so.
It usually doesn't take to long to set the patters properly if you stick to it, right? Reassure me please.
(I say all this since I am currently listening to a very unhappy baby protest his naptime.)

Thanks :)


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