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Monday, May 15, 2006

Anger Management

Lately the internet has been pissing me off. A LOT.

Rather, a lot of people in blog-land are. Not so much the people on my blogroll, just the things I keep running across. I don't really want to go into it, because a lot of it isn't so much anything tangible, just me being overly sensitive and bitchy.

The thing is, people aren't really being asses (per se) but I'm just interpreting it that way. Well, a lot of them are being asses, but they don't realize it. A person can be an ass without knowledge or intent, but it's only marginally better.

And I so need to stop reading message boards. They are full of ignorant trolls and I know that yet I punish myself anyhow. For instance, have you ever read any of the forums on IMDB? Oh My GOD. That's some grade-A ignorance right there. Yet I keep going back. It's like a train wreck. Or the Surreal Life. (Tawny Kitaen is such a bitch!)

As such I've been avoiding the internet altogether before I start flame wars. It's so easy to do, you know? Hell, a pic of your kid in a t-shirt can start a mommyblog-land-wide war.

It's like I was bitching about last week, ignorance just drives me up the freakin' wall. Luckily, I have you all. Your pages keep me sane, and they are my anger management. I mean, if you can't laugh along with fellow moms where is that going to leave you?

This also explains why I haven't written anything significant lately. I've noticed that when I am in this kind of mood I wrote the most bile-filled, vitriolic rants. Usually I stop myself in time, but there are those times I just don't give a shit and end up pissing people off. It's always hilarious how people react. EVERY time I make people mad I get a comment or email saying "now I know why they call you Jack's Raging Mommy".
I want to tell people look: I call myself Jack's Raging Mommy, and openly say I am a bitch. Where does the surprise come in?

Oh well, I ended up ranting after all.
Sorry :)


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