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Friday, May 26, 2006

Oh My

So it's been a long time since I've had hard alcohol. Or a 7&7 which can taste deceptively mild no matter how strong it actually is. (And boy can I make a strong drink) Do you see where this is leading?

I got way too drunk the other night. There were no sexual favors, 'cause I was that drunk. I had the sense of mind to record Lost when I realized I had no clue what was happening on the screen. I apparently told Joe the same stories behind the purchases over and over. And I did a little drunk dialing too, but this was before I lost the rest of the evening, so I don't think that went over too badly.

I spent all day yesterday with severe gastro-intestinal distress, and my kidneys hurt. How do you drink so much that your kidneys hurt? I seem to have managed that feat. But I will definitely hold off on the whiskey for a while.

I'm going to pick up Caleb later today. He hasn't been here in forever because the Evil Baby Mama has been a total bitch and we even went so far as to get a lawyer (that's what that all was about) and try to handle it legally. That scared the hell out of her, so she and Joe sat down with a mediator and came up with a custody agreement. Then last weekend, her first weekend to bring him to us, she flaked out. I knew she wouldn't follow the agreement but I really didn't think she would do it her very first weekend. Have I mentioned that I hate this woman?

I did discover that I can talk to her agreeably when we are both drunk though :)

We got the house mostly cleaned up for the company. I also would like to take this opportunity to praise the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If it didn't mean proving how bad the bathroom sink looked to begin with I totally would have taken pictures. The last time I tried cleaning with Scrubbing Bubbles and a regular sponge at first, and when involved too much scrubbing I tried the magic eraser. That is now the first weapon in any cleaning arsenal I have. And no, Mr. Clean didn't bribe me with free Magic Erasers.

If companies do what to start sending me free swag I'm a total whore for that kind of thing. Email contact is on the right :)


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