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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sperm Donor

So I found the asshole who knocked me up while fiddling around online earlier.

I read his little My Space blog... and he's still an asshole. Want an excerpt? This is from a post he wrote a couple of week's before J's ninth birthday. Mind you, he's married and still talking like this.

"Oh, and don't get me started on the depression creeping in on my spine from the estrogen sea I swim in daily. This much bickering, badgering, nit-picking would kill anyone!!! ITs KILLING ME! I stay on amber alert on my irritation scale constantly! I don't know what I'm gonna do!?! The mystique of women has been destroyed for me. This is not a good thing. I used to think they were the greatest thing God ever made. There was no such thing as an 'ugly woman'. Now? Damn that! They are a pain in the ass, an irritating background noise that chatter like empty cans rolling down a street. They don't say anything positive, they are not uplifting, they are not kind or gentle. Women are mean, vidictive, hateful people. And what makes it worse, they aren't (pardon the phrase) 'man enough' to say what they really mean to each other. "
Yes. I dated and procreated with that man. I'm so proud. If he sounded at all like a decent human being I might have felt the inclination to get in touch and let him know how J and I are, and finally have some closure. But this is the same man who ran off and hid from me with the assistance of his parents ten years ago.



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