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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Long and Winding Weekend

It really was a long weekend, not just due to the holiday on Monday. We got Caleb on Friday (eventually) and then Raina and Matt got in to town about 10 that night. We were up drinking and laughing and accidentally waking up children until 3 AM. It was great, but damn did we pay for it the next morning when the boys decided that 6AM was an appropriate time to start the day.

Now, I got the house pretty spotless (well, relatively speaking) but with three extra people in the house and four of them being mildly hungover adults who didn't feel like cleaning, it got a tad messy. It's still a tad messy, but at least all the pizza boxes have been thrown away.

We went to Lane Springs on Sunday, it's a river that comes from a natural spring, so the water is cold as hell, but it's generally not a very crowded place. It was the first time Caleb had been swimming in natural water, and the first time in water that wasn't a bath for Jack. They both loved it, which was a relief. Jack had been teething and evil for two days and I just knew he'd make the whole process not so great. But instead he thought the water was wonderful, and splashing and throwing small rocks off the river bed to be hilarious. He also got over his fear of sand, which meant a lot more running around for all of us, but also a lot more laughter.

everyone went back home Monday, Caleb taking longer than most since the EBM once again couldn't get her act together. Yesterday morning was spent doing all the laundry we hadn't done for the last two weeks. Well, in all honesty, spent by Joe. He did all six loads. I have a great husband. Praise him and wonder at all he does. Now if I could just get him to take out the trash without my asking. (Kidding dear! Though I totally get the "I want you to want to do the dishes" line from the Break-up trailer).

It was nice to have friends our age over. Someone to drink with, someone who can talk back using complete sentences and proper grammar. And not only that, but friends our age who like kids and enjoyed being around both the boys. I think they were also viewing it as a bit of a trial run for themselves since Raina let us know that they had bought "the ring" not too long ago. I think Matt is waiting for her to finish her thesis, which is great incentive for her really.

I'm still depleted, and not having the best time putting together coherent thought, which is odd since I actually got some practice at it. We have to figure out a better solution with the EBM, which I think we may have. As always it hinges on her actually cooperating with whatever is decided. I have a lot of anger that this woman has the ability to disrupt my life to the level that she does, but we'll leave all that for later. The next time I feel the need to cuss her out over the phone for instance. I can just put that here instead, right?

I feel like I'm not adequately expressing how great the weekend was, because it was wonderful. Perhaps it's just the letdown of the return to every day life.

(Speaking of letdown, I finally got to see Brokeback Mountain. I also saw Transamerica which I enjoyed most thoroughly.)


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