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Friday, August 26, 2005

Griping in the rain

We are leaving for our camping honeymoon-let later this afternoon. You know that big rain storm that is over three quarters of the country? Yeah, we're in that. A lot. So not only might it rain while we are camping, I am pretty sure the ground is thoroughly saturated. I'm prepared to end up sleeping in the car. On a positive note, it's much cooler and the river has risen a lot, so if it does happen to stay sunny for 6 hours tomorrow it should be a great trip.

Despite the very ominous signs I am still very excited and want to leave this second. While it's raining, even. But my wonderful mother who is watching Jack is not home yet, so I have a bit longer to wait. I am killing time by making lists, whish so far has proven to be a really good idea, as we've thought of several things we wouldn't have otherwise.

My brother just got home and as I am in my pajamas I think I shall get dressed. Have a great weekend internet!


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