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Monday, August 29, 2005

Breeder? I hardly know her!

Angie is nicer than I am. Angie didn't curse out her trolls and damn them all to hell and look into legal action on the more threatening comments. She even tried to explain the concepts of irony and sarcasm in blogging to her humorless trolls. I doubt I would have had her patience. As it was I got so angry reading the comments I was unable to finish and I spent several hours composing rants in my head.

For those of you not in the loop, (and you really should be, I mean, why the hell aren't you reading Fluid Pudding? Go read it. Now. Then come back) Angie made a very funny post about a woman at Crazy Bowls and Wraps who was rude when serving her. It was humorous. It was lighthearted. It was totally misunderstood by every troll on the fucking internet.

To clarify: I have on many occasions had multi colored hair. Often with odd haircuts and unnatural shades of red. I however did not jump to the asinine conclusion that when Angie mentioned the server's two-toned hair that she was stating she didn't like people with two-toned hair. Silly me, I thought she was being descriptive. Same with the earrings. I have 20 of them. If anyone was going to jump to irrational conclusions about being belittled due to appearance, it would be me. Amazingly enough, I was able to comprehend the very clearly written post. Why, oh why, are there so many dumbasses in the world?

Also? Angie strikes me as an intelligent, funny, amazing woman. How anyone would mistake her sarcasm so severely is beyond me. So here it is. In general a person who is as educated and well spoken as Angie will have proper table manners. They will also come equipped with proper public conduct and etiquette. This person will not leave a mess simply to punish some rude food service worker. People tend to apply the worst of their own natures towards others, so it becomes easy to assume that because you are a rude, ignorant jackass that others are as well, and will behave in the same uneducated, boorish fashion that you do. Guess what? I am pretty sure Angie is better than the food service person in almost every way.

I don't want to hear the whiny "she disrespected food service workers" crap. She did no such thing. I worked for ten years in various aspects of the food service industry. Sure it's a crappy job. Yes, it is hard and most people are rude and disrespectful. However, as a food service worker my job was to provide service to the public. My job was not to roll my eyes at customers, to interrupt them, to act surly and unwelcoming and to behave in such a manner as to ensure that a customer would not return. In fact, had I behaved like that I would expect to be berated by the customer, and to lose my job. When I am at home and vent about annoying customers, that is on my time. Hell, when I walk in the back of the store away from customers, the faces I make and the curse words I use are pretty much all fine and dandy. I cannot in any way justify showing that behavior to a customer though. I've noticed more as I matured how awful the work ethic is among most food workers. It's not unheard of for someone to have been fired from their last five jobs. You know what? I follow a code of behavior and amazingly have never been fired. It's an incredibly simple concept. Angie's annoyance with this girl was perfectly justified. Had it been me I'd have reported her to the manager.

Back on the topic of intelligence, I think a good sign of intelligence is the ability to use the imagination. Angie imagined what she would have liked to have said or done, but that she was prevented from doing by her standards as a human being. Unfortunately a gaggle of idiots with no imagination were unable to see that clearly made point, and acted like ignorami they are.

One final rant here, and I saved this one for last because it makes me the most angry. Having children doesn't make us second class citizens. It doesn't make us stupid, it doesn't make us evil, it doesn't make us anything but parents. I think that those who have the anti-breeding stance are dumb, but whatever. We have no reason to mix socially, and I'm relatively certain that at some point they will grow viable brains and get over themselves. Do not come into my world to spray your venom though. Who the fuck invited you to the party? You don't like people with kids? Fine. Avoid them. There is no reason for you to go where you are unwanted and vomit your ignorance. You don't like that you pay school taxes? Too fucking bad. Perhaps you are forgetting that it is that system that educated you. Though when a rebuttal consists of "Die you fucking breeder" maybe I should not make that case. I wish to god your parents had shared your politics. You've already shown us that the world would be a brighter more pleasant place without you in it. If your only contribution to society is hate, then I for one believe society will be just fine without you. To think that you are the sperm that won. Go on, live your miserable lonely, hate-filled life. Avoid what can be the most amazing, and fulfilling experience you will ever know because you are too ignorant to see that family, and love are the most important things you will ever be given an opportunity to have.
Just keep your shit to yourself. You are not wanted here.


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